Financial Assistance

In addition to recovering from your illness or injury, we understand you have the added financial stress of paying your hospital bill. We are here to help you. Your income level may qualify you for our financial assistance program or make you eligible for a discount that matches the lowest negotiated rate from a private health plan.

Recently, our Board of Directors approved an updated set of financial policies (August 2018) and along with it came a new sliding scale. It was recently brought to our attention that this information had not been published here, on our website. We'd like to offer our deepest apologies for that error.

The service remains in place for your benefit and the policy has now been updated on our site. Thank you for understanding. If you find other out of date policies on this site, please call the administrative assistant's direct line at 719-346-4805. Let us know which policy is out of date, where you found it on the site and we will get it up to date as quickly as we can. Thank you!

Click here to see the Federal Poverty Guidelines 2018.

To see if you qualify for financial assistance, schedule an appointment with one of our financial counselors by calling 719-346-4721