Our Communities

KCCHSD is located in Kit Carson County in east central Colorado.  This family friendly rural community is home to approximately 7,158 residents. (July 2017 Census.gov)  Burlington, Bethune, Stratton, Vona, Seibert and Flagler make Kit Carson County a leading producer of corn, wheat and livestock.  Kit Carson County is full of wide open vistas and beautiful scenery.  

Our communities offer a wide range of social and recreational opportunities for all ages:

  • Historic Kit Carson County Carousel and Museum
  • Old Town Museum 
  • Kit Carson County
  • Three golf courses
  • Three public swimming pools
  • A number of well-equipped community playgrounds
  • Annual County Fair and PRCA Rodeo
  • Hunting - pheasant, coyote, rabbit, antelope, deer (both whitetail and mule), turkey and dove
  • High School sports including football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf, softball and volleyball
  • Community Events throughout the year too many to mention
  • Activities and Recreation promoting health and participation - each town has a variety of activities for individuals and families