MRI Exam

The new MRI is more technologically advanced and provides doctors the best diagnostic imaging available in our region.
  • Exams are completed in an even shorter amount of time.
  • We also have the ability to do an MRA, which is an MRI of a major blood vessel. 
The MRI exam machine is a spacious magnet, noise reduction technology and pleasant design work perfectly together to make your experience more comfortable.

What to Expect on Exam Day?

No Special preparations are required prior to your exam. You may eat and drink normally, although it is best to limit your caffeine intake. Women should also refrain from wearing eye shadow or mascara.

Prior to the exam you will be asked to remove all jewelry and metal objects. During the exam, just like a photograph, the most accurate images will be taken when you are still.

The technologist may place an MRI coil around the p art of the body to be scanned. Like antenna, the closer the coil is to the area of interest on your body, the better it receives your signal and the better the image quality of your exam.

MRI scans do not use any X rays or other types of potentially harmful radiation.

Immediately following the scan, you may resume your normal activities unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Revolutionary Quiet Technology

Our facility’s Vantage system features Pianissimo technology, which reduces exam noise up to 90%, to provide you a quieter, more comfortable experience. Pianissimo is a musical term meaning very quiet, so instead of the loud grinding noise other MRI systems produce, the sound you will hear is more like a gentle tapping. The quite nature of our system also makes communication between you and the technologist easier.

Comfortable Exams Means Better Images

Your MRI exam provides doctors with high quality images they can use to diagnose and evaluate your physical condition. Our Vantage system provides more room in the magnet and less noise during the exam, so it is easier to remain motionless during your procedure. Your comfort combined with the latest exam techniques on our Vantage, assures that your doctor gets the best possible images for the most accurate diagnosis.