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Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium

10/10/2018 - 9am - 4pm

Burlington Community Center

The Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium (EPHC) is made up of 5 regional rural hospitals. EPHC is in the process of providing a platform for our member-hospitals: KCCHSD in Burlington, Keefe Memorial in Cheyenne Wells, Lincoln Community Health in Hugo, Melissa Memorial Hospital in Holyoke and Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads. While maintaining their independent structure, each member-hospital will receive supportive services from the collective in order to share similar burdens that all smaller, rural hospitals seem to encounter.

By joining hands and working together, our organization members will be able to remain independent yet focused on providing the best quality of care within our rural communities. In the future, EPHC will offer support to each member through several programs. Programs such as staff sharing, supply sharing, behavioral telehealth, payor contracting and collaboration are just a few that were discussed. 

KCCHSD was well-represented with our administration staff and several board members participating. We look forward to being able to remain autonomous yet gain strengths through such a like-minded team willing to work together to go the extra mile to preserve rural healthcare. 

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