Board of Directors

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Apply now for the Board of Directors openings.  Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements. All Board of Directors positions are at-large positions. Please return completed applications to Heather Cullop at KCCMH.  Contact Heather at 346-5311x2523 for more info.

The Board of Directors at Kit Carson County Health Service District (KCCHSD) consists of seven residents of Kit Carson County, representing their communities. They volunteer in committee meetings, educational meetings, community meetings, and regular monthly board meetings. The Board members are entrusted with the responsibility of seeing that the District achieves its Mission, Vision and Values.  Information about the election process can be found here:  Special District Elections - Quick Reference Guide 2011.pdf.  Information about the most recent election can be found here:  KCCHSD Election Info.

The KCCHSD Board of Directors has a rich heritage of leadership, which consistently addresses the health care needs of the community.

Current Board of Directors 

Garrett Mitchek

Ryan Bancroft

Virgil George

Bill Korbelik

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Board of Directors Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Agenda - 1/18/17
Agenda - 1/25/17
Agenda - 3/15/17


Agenda - 8/22/16
Minutes - 8/22/16
Agenda - 9/26/16
Minutes - 9/26/16
Agenda - 10/24/16
Minutes - 10/24/16
Agenda - 11/1/16
Minutes - 11/1/16
Agenda - 11/17/16
Minutes - 11/17/16
Agenda - 11/30/16
Minutes - 11/30/16
Agenda - 12/28/16
Minutes - 12/28/16