Udo Foreman PA-C, M.M.


Physicians Assistant

Primary Affiliation

Parke Health Center

Address / Phone

Parke Health Center

182 16th Street

Burlington, CO 80807

Phone: 719-346 - 9481

Fax: 719-346-9485

Website: www.kcchsd.org



Medical School: A graduate from Denver University, Udo has a Masters of Science and completed the physician assistant program in Red Rocks.


Other Information

Additional Information: Udo enjoys rural Colorado as he feels it allows him the opportunity to spend more time with each patient.

Udo brings enthusiasm, teamwork and a high level of optimism to KCCHSD. In his spare time, Udo enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather and their two children. In addition, he enjoys hunting, archery and skateboarding. Udo has even competed professionally in skateboarding.

Udo is excited to get to know the community and it is his goal to keep each patient happy and healthy.

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